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Professional Life & Career Coach

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Personal Life Coaching

For 20 years I’ve been helping people feel healthy and happy in their bodies and their relationships.  Where in your life could you use a change?


Career Building

Calling all entrepreneurs!  Get the resources, encouragement and support you need to start your own business or to take your current career to the next level.

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

There will never be a better time than today to start acting  on those intentions to get fit, run a 5k, or start your dream business. Your life can completely transform as long as you have a solid plan in place and accountability to see it through. 

Unique and customized meal plans and food logs.

Business plan creation and implementation.

Weekly training plans for athletic events, rehabilitation of injuries, or weight loss.

Communication skills and Stress Management techniques.

Goal Setting

Get crystal clear on what you desire to achieve so we can create a roadmap to your Future Self.

Relationship Coaching

Learn how to use conscious language choices and intentional listening skills to strengthen your intimate relationships. 

Stress Management

Increase your happiness and total quality of life by learning techniques to stay calm in the midst of chaos.

Career Advice

  Do you need business growth strategies, career advancement tips, or entrepreneurship training? I have resources for you!

What Is Life Coaching?
Who is Coaching For?

Any professional athlete will tell you that their relationship with their coach was pivotal to their success.  If you desire to uplevel any part of your life, your health, or your business, a coach can be instrumental to getting you on the fast track to accomplishing your dreams.

Are you confused about how to incorporate your skills and lifestyle into our new virtual economy?
Are you dealing with health challenges that require some major changes in your diet and routine?
Are you and your partner having the same argument week after week with no resolution?
Do you need a trusted guide to navigate a new stage in life?

About Carolyn

Aside from her Masters degree in Holistic Nutrition and dozens of fitness certifications, her main area of expertise lies in inspiring others to shift their mindset to understand the power of positive thinking and healthy living.

Carolyn is one of the most enthusiastic and happy people you will ever meet. She is a go-getter who loves a challenge! Carolyn believes that through serving others she can further become HER best self.

Please feel free to connect with her:


Carolyn Maul is a life coach & a true friend who inspires significant change. Fearless, intense, purehearted, and disciplined, she is brimming with capital ideas on fitness, nutrition, Ayurvedic medicine, time management, organization, journaling, meditation & much, much more. She’s taught me to view my gifts with far more clarity, and build a “bigger stage” in order to make a lasting difference. I highly recommend working with her.

James McClosky

It is my pleasure to fully and enthusiastically recommend Carolyn to anyone who is looking to “level up” any part of their life. Carolyn has shown unflappable energy and incredible range as a coach. Over the last several months, Carolyn has helped me to redirect my career path, change the way I think about my relationships with the people closest to me and taught me a healthier way to eat! It sounds cliche, but in the middle of the hard work around career and relationships, she got me to lose that stubborn 7 extra pounds! If there is anything you need help with in your life – reach out to Carolyn!

Bryan Olson

Wow! I’m a bit shell-shocked. I just got off a call with Carolyn, and I’m 100% confident that my whole perception of the relationship with my wife has changed. And, for the first time in 9 years of marriage, I’m feeling equipped and able to actually contribute to making things better between my wife and I. Thanks Carolyn,

Trevor Shirk

Carolyn is MAGICAL!! I met her at the gym 5 years ago – and I knew she was super special! Her energy and passion just resonated with me. Her words are so clear and her advice so concrete. She cares, but is confident and fierce enough to challenge her clients in just the right way. Carolyn is astute, tenacious, well-educated and a true professional.

MaryAnn Janigian

If you’re looking for a life coach with boundless enthusiasm, a host of ideas and the skills to help you attain your goals, Carolyn delivers! I came to her to get some fresh perspective on my goals and to find the motivation and moxie to take my business to the next level and she didn’t disappoint. She challenged some of the old, restrictive ‘sound tracks’ that I’d been falling back on, gave me the tools to shake things up, and offered me the encouragement I needed to trust my gut and really soar.

Lori Ferguson

Online  Resources

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

I encourage you to book a 30 minute phone call with me to discuss your personal agenda and the options we have to work together. 

I look forward to meeting you soon!



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